Solar Rebates

There are various rebates available in Australia for Solar and other green energy products.

Some benefits are provided by the Federal Government and others are provided by State Governments.

Hot Water Systems
There is a $1,600 rebate for installing a solar hot water system or a $1,000 rebate for installing a heat pump hot water system, to replace an electric storage hot water system.

These rebates are NOT means tested.

Ceiling Insulation
As an alternative to the above, you could receive Ceiling insulation worth up to $1,600 for Australian Householders, including Owner-Occupiers, Landlords and Tenants of currently uninsulated homes or homes with very little ceiling insulation.

This is mentioned here to clarify that people are not entitled to both grants.

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Solar Power

Rebates for the the installation of solar photovoltaic systems have been available since November 2007, with the Solar Rebate program providing rebates of up to $8,000 for eligible applicants.

However, this program ended abruptly in June 2009, although another version was introduced called the ‘Solar Credits Scheme’, effective from 10th June 2009.

A simple comparison example of the two schemes would be:

1 KW system:
example refund
Old Scheme: $8,000
New Scheme: $4,900

1.5 KW system:
example refund
Old Scheme: $8,000
New Scheme: $7,595

The most important difference, for many people, was the removal of the Means Test, meaning that people on a higher income could now apply for the rebate.

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