Subclass 300 visas granted, but unable to travel?

PMV Granted just before COVID-19 shutdown?.

What happens when a PMV (subclass 300 visa)  expires, but the holder was unable to travel to Australia due to COVID-19?

An important rule for the Prospective Marriage visa (PMV) is that the holder must travel to Australia at some point before the visa expiry date,  which is 9 months after the date of grant.

Due to the COVID-19 situation a PMV holder is not permitted to travel to Australia unless they are granted an exemption to the travel ban.

So the question on some people’s minds is: “What happens if I am not allowed to travel?”

This would be of particular concern to those had the subclass 300 granted im November or December last year,  but haven’t travelled yet.  Their visas will expire in August and September 2020.

Will the visa:

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  1. Expire
  2. Be extended
  3. Be reissued

Option ONE would be horrifying: another $8,000 and another long wait, due to an overly rigid migration policy.

Options TWO and THREE are basically the same, and would seem acceptable on both sides, allow the visa and protect the border.

According to one media report, their are two possibilities:

John Hourigan, the national director of the Migration Institute of Australia, thinks it may be a matter of the Department simply reissuing the visa.

A migration agent, Taaffe, says that those already granted a fiancé visa (PMV) may need to start the entire application process again after travel bans are lifted.

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