Subclass 801 Visa Processing Times in 2018

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Subclass 801 Visa processing times in 2018.

Processing times quoted by Immigration are often read in the example form “19-23 months”, but what does it really mean, when the median average of that can be 11.2 months?

An example of this is shown at: Partner Visa Processing Times in July 2018 with these figures: ‘20-26 months: 75% of all the 801 visas granted in July 2018 were processed in under 20 months, while 10% took over 26 months.

Unfortunately these figures do not really show the true processing times, so I decided to see how the figures work out in reality.

I came up with this conclusion:

The median average 801 Processing Time of 19-23 months is 11.2 months..

It is important to know what the 19-23 months really means. It does NOT mean 19 to 23 months. It means 75% were UNDER 19 months, and 10% took OVER 23 months. Only 15% took between 19 and 23 months.

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I just checked a number of subclass 801 visa grants from an Australian Visa Forum. and the last 16 of these in 2018, showed that 75% were done in 19 months or under, and 10% were done in 23 months or over. ie: 19-23 months using the immigration term for this.

The median average processing time was 11.2 months. ie: Half took 11.2 months or under, and half took 11.2 months or over.

The first 25% were done in under 8.5 months. (6.2 months, 7.9 months, 8.0 months and 8.2 months).
The next 25% were done between 8.5 and 11.2 months. (8.7 months, 10.5 months, 10.8 months and 11.2 months).
The next 25% were done between 11.2 and 19.4 months. (11.2 months, 12.2 months, 12.2 months and 19.3 months).
The next 25% were done between 19.4 and 24 months. (19.5 months, 21.3 months, 23.2 months and 23.7 months).

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