Subclass 866 Sponsoring Partner Visa

Can a Subclass 866 visa holder sponsor a Partner visa?

The subclass 866 visa is a Protection visa and appears to have a few complications when the the holder wants to sponsor a partner.

One of the complications appears to be based on the visa held by the Partner Visa applicant. If the partner visa applicant is a temporary protection visa holder, they are not currently able to lodge a valid application for a Partner Visa.

Another is the much longer processing time of a Partner Visa application where the sponsor is a Subclass 866 Visa holder, irrespective of the applicants visa status, if lodged onshore as a subclass 820.

If the partner visa applicant is offshore, and looking at the subclass 390 visa, it would seem likely that the following would apply.

From the overall lack of concrete information on this, it would probably be worthwhile using an Australian Registered Migration Agent to assist in this type of application.

Source: Department of Home Affairs (DHA) subclass 866

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