How many Overseas Students Stay in Australia

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How many Student visa holders Stay in Australia after completion?

According to page 61 of the “BR0097 Student visa and Temporary Graduate visa program report” there were 555,310 visa-holding international students in Australia at the end of June 2020. This was very similar to the 553,139 at the end of June 2019.

In the 2019-20 Migration Outcomes report, it is stated that 16,588 international students in Australia transitioned directly from a Student visa to a Permanent Visa.

9,992 places were in the Skilled Visa stream:

  • 3,742 Regional places.
  • 3,096 State/Territory Nominated places.
  • 1,313 Global Talent (Independent) places.
  • 990 Skilled Independent places.
  • 618 Employer Sponsored places.
  • 191 Business Innovation and Investment Program places.
  • 42 Distinguished Talent places.

6,587 places were in the Family Visa stream:

  • 6,575 Partner Visa places.
  • 12 Other Family Visa places.

And 9 places within a Special Eligibility scheme.

That shows about 2 out of every 100 current students obtain Permanent Residency from their Studies, with another 1 out of every 100 obtaining PR by relationship, (partner visa).

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Student visa and Temporary Graduate visa program reports at:

Section 3.50 of the August 2021 Skilled Migration Program Report, states:

Universities Australia stated that 84 per cent of international students and graduates return to their home countries after receiving a recognised, Australian university qualification.

This indicates that 16% of graduates remain in Australia.  Somewhat different to the 3% that stay as Permanent Residents, directly from the student visa.  Maybe the remaining 13% stay on other temporary visas.

Source: section 3.50 Skilled Migration Program Report

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