Student visa subclass 500 Statistics for Pakistani Citizens.

Australian subclass 500 Student visa Statistics for Pakistani Citizens.

Number of Student visa subclass 500 applications lodged, granted and refused for Pakistani Nationals for the years 2015-16 to 2020-21, for both Onshore and Offshore applicants.

Onshore Subclass 500 Applications for Pakistani Citizens.

Subclass 500 Applications Lodged Onshore.

2015-16 2,861
2016-17 … Read the rest

How many Overseas Students Stay in Australia

How many Student visa holders Stay in Australia after completion?

According to page 61 of the “BR0097 Student visa and Temporary Graduate visa program report” there were 555,310 visa-holding international students in Australia at the end of June 2020. This was very similar to the 553,139 at the … Read the rest

Partner Visas Granted before Student Visa Expires

A few people have mentioned issues regarding getting a Partner visa before their Student Visa expires.

One such example mentioned that they were told by their agent that they can’t even apply until their Student Visa expires. I am not sure if that was an Education Agent with little knowledge … Read the rest

International Students to Permanent Resident in Australia

How many International Students gain Skilled Permanent Residency in Australia?

Many International Students have the aim to become Australian Permanent Residents.

During 2019-20, the number of these that were granted Australian Permanent Resident visas with one of the skilled visas was 9,992.

Previous years numbers were:

2018-19 grants: 8,210
2017-18 … Read the rest

SA Suspends inbound international flights

South Australia has suspended inbound international flights.

The new COVID-19 cases in South Australia, caused by an international arrival transmitting the virus to a local worker, has caused the suspension of inbound international flights.

This is expected to include the delay of the return of international students to Adelaide.

About … Read the rest

Bridging Visa from Student to Partner Visa

Using a Bridging Visa between a Student Visa and a Partner Visa.

Some Student Visa holders, such as the subclass 500 visa holders, end up in a relationship with someone in Australia, and decide to apply for a Partner visa.

Some people, in a relationship with someone in Australia, … Read the rest

Student Visa Financial Requirements

Student visa applicants must have sufficient funds to live in Australia without needing to work.

In 2019, the Department of Home Affairs increased the annual expenses to $21,041 that a single applicant is required to demonstrate the evidence of, in addition to the course fee, in order to satisfy the … Read the rest

Almost 18,000 Student Visas Cancelled in 2018-19

17,819 Student Visas were cancelled in 2018-19.

17,819 overseas students were stripped of their visas in 2018-2019, the most common nationality was Chinese.

  • 4,686 Chinese students lost their visas.
  • 1,503 South Korean students lost their visas.
  • 1,157 Indian students lost their visas.
  • 1,107 Malaysian students lost their visas.
  • 914 Brazilian
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