Student Visa Statistics

Student Visas issued in each year.

2008/09 Australian Student Visas issued.

  • 320,368 Student Visas were granted for entry into Australia.
  • 3,311 (1.03%) of these student Visas were for people from the UK.

65,503 India 20.45%
54,015 China, Peoples Republic of 16.86%
17,594 Korea, Republic of 5.49%
14,355 Nepal 4.48%
13,612 … Read the rest

University Fees in Australia

The cost of University education in Australia will depend on a persons Visa status and Residence status.

There are three basic categories:

  • Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Temporary Resident

As an idea of the differences in costs at University, the following costs apply to this one particular course at one university, and … Read the rest