Tasmania State Election 2021

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Tasmania State Election 2021.

The 2021 Tasmania state election is scheduled to be held on 1 May 2021.

It was originally intended to be in 2022, but with the Speaker Sue Hickey, no longer a member of the Liberal party, it leaves the current Liberal government in a minority situation.

Sue Hickey was elected as the speaker in 2018 with Labor and Greens support, ahead of the Liberals’ preferred candidate.

She also made it clear she was willing to vote against her own party.

In 2019 Sue Hickey threatened to leave the Liberal party after being overlooked for a Cabinet position. She also did not promise that she will stay with the party for the rest of her term.

Sue Hickey has crossed the floor to vote against her party numerous times.

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The Liberal party had told Sue Hickey that she would not be re-endorsed by the Liberals for the next election. Presumably based on the above information relating to loyalty to her party.

Due to this she has now decided to be an independent, rather than a Liberal member.

The current government consequently now holds only 12 of the 25 seats in the House of Assembly.

This caused Peter Gutwein, the State Premier, to call an early election as “Tasmania can’t afford the uncertainly of a minority government”.

He also said: “This election will be about who can deliver a strong, stable government to secure Tasmania’s future.”

The 2018 Tasmanian State Election result was:

  • 13 seats Liberal with 168,303 votes.
  • 10 seats Labor with 109,264 votes.
  • 2 seats Greens with 34,491 votes.

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