The Beep Test Free Download, What is it ?

My daughter asked me to download the “Beep Test” for her the other day, and I didn’t know what it was. Some sort of dance I think was the answer, but you know teenagers, they don’t explain well, or is it the teenagers parents who don’t bother listening too well, as they expect not to understand anyway 🙂

Well, I looked it up, and well… umm I download it from the Australian Department of Defence…

It has me puzzled… I shall let you read this part, and see what you think…

To be eligible to begin recruit training you must be medically fit (determined at your inital medical inspection) and complete the Army’s ‘Pre-entry Fitness Assessment’ or PFA.

You will need to complete the PFA on the day on which you enlist before you attend Common Recruit Training (CRT) at Kapooka in Southern NSW.

There are three parts to this assessment and you must complete each one to pass.
1) The first test is the ‘Multistage fitness test’ or ‘beep test‘. In this test, you run to and fro along a 20 metre track (usually in a Gym), keeping up with a series of beeps on a cassette. The timing of the beeps gradually increases until you can no longer keep up and this defines the level achieved. The minimum requirement for both males and females is Level 7.5 or 56 shuttles for a total of 1,120 metres in 6 minutes 30 seconds.

Click here to download or hear the Beep Test
(Wave file .wav 10.2MB or Windows Media Audio .wma 2.1MB)

Dance or Joining the Army ?

I think maybe I misheard her ?

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