The Eight States of Australia

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Are there really Eight States of Australia?.

There are actually only Six States in Australia, but there are also Two Territories, and this makes up the 8 sections of Australia that have their own borders.

The Six States of Australia are:.

New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia

The Two Territories of Australia are:.

Northern Territory
Australian Capital Territory

The State and Territory Populations of Australia are:.


Australian Population by State 2015 Est.
New South Wales 7,618,200
Victoria 5,938,100
Queensland 4,779,400
South Australia 1,698,600
Western Australia 2,591,600
Tasmania 516,600
Northern Territory 244,600
Australian Capital Territory 390,800


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Australian Population by State 2011 Census
New South Wales 6,917,658
Victoria 5,354,042
Queensland 4,332,739
South Australia 1,596,572
Western Australia 2,239,170
Tasmania 495,354
Northern Territory 211,945
Australian Capital Territory 357,222


10 Year Population Change 2001-2011
9.61% New South Wales
16.09% Victoria
20.84% Queensland
9.44% South Australia
22.22% Western Australia
8.91% Tasmania
4.55% Northern Territory
15.54% Australian Capital Territory


Australian Population by State 2006 Census
New South Wales 6,549,177
Victoria 4,932,422
Queensland 3,904,532
South Australia 1,514,337
Western Australia 1,959,088
Tasmania 476,481
Northern Territory 192,898
Australian Capital Territory 324,034


Australian Population by State 2001 Census
New South Wales 6,311,168
Victoria 4,612,097
Queensland 3,585,639
South Australia 1,458,912
Western Australia 1,832,008
Tasmania 454,841
Northern Territory 202,729
Australian Capital Territory 309,184


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