Toilet Paper Rationing in Victoria, again.. February 2021

Feb 2021 – Toilet Paper is being Rationed in Victoria, again..

Both major Supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, have imposed buying limits in Victoria on various products again, following the lockdown in the state from 12th February 2021.

Shoppers will only be allowed to buy one pack of toilet paper at Coles, and two at Woolworths.  Various other products also have buying limits of 2 packs per customer.

Early reports have shown that some shelves have already been stripped bare of product.

Victoria Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) update. 12 Feb 2021.

  • The whole of Victoria will move to circuit-breaker action from 11:59pm on Friday 12 February until 11:59pm on Wednesday 17 February.
  • During this period, people must stay within 5km of their home other than for four permitted reasons:
    • Shopping once per day for necessary goods and services when required
    • Caregiving and compassionate reasons
    • Essential work or permitted education
    • Exercise for two hours a day with household members or intimate partner, or one other person not from the household.
  • Face masks must now be worn everywhere (unless an exemption applies), except in private homes. There will also be no household visitors or private gatherings.
  • Public gatherings are not permitted.
  • Schools will close, however they will remain open for vulnerable children or children of essential workers.
  • Childcare and early childhood care centres remain open.
  • Higher education is closed, with remote learning in place only.
  • Places of worship are closed. In-person religious gatherings are not permitted but may be broadcast.
  • Weddings are not permitted unless for end-of-life or other exceptional reasons. Ceremonies must involve only five persons (including the two persons being married, celebrant, and two witnesses).
  • Funerals (indoor and outdoor) must involve no more than 10 people (plus those necessary to conduct the funeral).
  • Hairdressing and beauty services, outdoor auctions, indoor physical recreation, community venues such as libraries, sporting venues and outdoor community sports are not permitted.
  • All swimming pools are closed.
  • Non-essential retail will close. Cafes and restaurants will revert to takeaway service only.
  • There will be no capacity to visit private residential aged care or public or private hospitals. No visitors are permitted into health care settings, except for end-of-life reasons, as a support partner for birth, or a parent to accompany a child.
  • The Australian Open tennis tournament will continue, however without attending crowds and only a minimum number of staff for the event to be run safely.


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