Travel Ban Exemption Delays

No Response to a Travel Ban Exemption application?

Many people have applied for a Travel Ban Exemption, and many of these do not receive a fast reply.

Is it worth applying again?

If you have been refused, the answer is YES, apply again but with a better explained application.

If you have not received a reply, and the flight date that you gave in your earlier application has gone past, then I would suggest another application, and again with better explained reasons for your request.

This is wording from one of the Australian Embassy FAQ pages:

Individuals may not receive a response to requests for exemption from the travel restrictions until very close to the flight departure time. 

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Your Travel Ban Exemption request must include:

  • traveller details: name, date of birth, visa type and number, passport number.
  • proposed residential address and phone number in Australia.
  • your reasons for coming: why you should be granted an exemption.
  • a supporting statement: setting out how you meet one of the grounds for an exemption.
  • accompanying evidence.

All documents need to be officially translated into English.

To complete a travel exemption request you should hold a visa, or have applied for a visa, and provide information and documents to support your request.

Make only one request per person. Duplicate requests will delay assessment.

Holders of a Partner visa (subclasses 100, 309, 801 and 820) or a Child visa (subclasses 101, 102, 445) are permitted to board and do not need to submit an exemption request.

An example of circumstances that would generally meet inward exemption requirements:
The partner of a person who is in Australia and in the final trimester of their pregnancy or otherwise due to give birth.


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