Travel Ban Exemption Requests for Outward Travel

Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents are currently not allowed to leave Australian without a Travel Ban Exemption.

Not everyone that requests this is granted the exemption.

Those who provide compelling reasons to leave, and who confirmed that they will not return within 3 months are granted.

Outward travel

Between Oct 2020 and Jan 2021 there were 90,683 requests to leave Australia.

  • 58,347 were approved (64%)
  • 20,459 were refused  (22.5%)
  • 10,947 were ‘otherwise’ finalised. (Already exempt, Withdrawn or insufficient information to make a decision)

Most refusals were in the standard ‘Compassionate and Compelling’ category. (15,323).
Most approvals were in the ‘Travelling overseas for over 3 months, for a compelling reason’ category. (38,596)

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