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How Many Travel Ban Exemptions are Granted or Refused?.

Working out the chances of getting a travel ban exemption is not easy, but it looks like it might be about 1 in 5, or worse, from the information that I have seen.

UPDATE: See Bottom of Page for recent accurate figures:

Figures from various News Reports and FoI requests:

  • 1 June 2020: The Department had approved 968 requests on compassionate grounds, 514 of applicants possessing critical skills, 329 requests of people on temporary protection visa or Safe Haven Enterprise visas, and 263 of people possessing critical skills in the field of medicine, among other categories who have been allowed to enter the country as of June 1.
  • 3 June 2020: The Department of Home Affairs has revealed that it received a total of 40,147 requests for travel exemptions from persons seeking to enter Australia, during the period 20 March to 3 June 2020.
  • 20 August 2020: There have been 15,801 inbound international travel exemption requests approved by the ABF Commissioner or a delegate, as at 20 August 2020.
  • 20 August 2020: Between the 1st and 20th of August 2020 there have been 4,627 inbound international travel exemption requests approved by the ABF Commissioner or a delegate.

Calculations from the above figures:
That total of 40,147 applications between 20 March to 3 June 2020, works out at 535 applications per day.
That 15,801 exemption grants, at 20 August 2020, works out at 103 grants per day.

From those figures, I would expect about 4 refusals for every grant, on average.

However, with 40,147 requests received up to 3 June 2020, and ONLY 968 approved on compassionate grounds, the number is more like 39 refusals for every grant, when done on compassionate grounds.

The quality of the application, and the reasons given, together with relevant proofs etc., should of course affect the chances of a grant.


Travel Ban Exemption Statistics

About 15% of Travel Ban Exemption applications have been granted, according to Department of Home Affairs figures.

That is about one in every seven applications that has been granted.

However, only 7.32% were granted under Compassionate grounds whereas 35.8% were granted under Critical Skill grounds.

Numbers of applications for Travel Ban Exemptions from 20th March 2020 to 31st August 2020

  • March 8,227 applications received and 1,685 applications granted
  • April 11,720 applications received and 4,688 applications granted
  • May 18,043 applications received and 1,282 applications granted
  • June 24,830 applications received and 2,447 applications granted
  • July 24,852 applications received and 3,164 applications granted
  • August 22,071 applications received and 3,594 applications granted

Total of 109,743 applications received and 16,860 applications granted.

Source: Source: Department of Home Affairs FOI requests FA 20/09/00434 and FA 20/09/00219

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