Travel to Australia without Passport.

Can you Travel to Australia without travel documents.

Australian citizens have automatic right of entry to Australia and do not require a visa.  Also, it can be noted that an Australian citizen cannot be issued a visa.

For entry into Australia, it is normal for an Australian citizen to hold an Australian passport.

In some situations, a traveller may need to travel without a valid travel document, for example, if the travel document is lost or stolen.

Some of these travellers without travel documents (passport) are entitled to travel to Australia provided the Australian Border Operations Centre (BOC) has granted ‘uplift approval’.

This is the current Airline Check-in data entry procedure for travellers without travel documents, from the Advance Passenger Processing document issued by Australian Immigration.

These travellers need to be processed through Advance Passenger Processing (APP) using full details and with Document type ‘N’.

Travellers without travel documents.

The information needed by the airline, to process an undocumented traveller are specified as:

Full family name
Given names
Date of birth

When asked for the document type, the airline will enter: Document Type ‘N’.
The APP System will then give the airline an 8510 response.
The Airline must then contact the BOC.
Once the BOC has given ‘uplift approval’ the check-in agent must resubmit the above, but this time enter a ‘G’ override, that must have been authorised by the BOC.

To obtain this “Uplift Approval” I would assume that proof of being an Australian citizen would be needed, such as an expired Australian passport, an Australian citizenship certificate and other suitable identity proofs.

My personal advice would be to contact the Airline, and get advice from them, in plenty of time before your flight date.  Also, allow extra time to check in, so that the above process can be completed before the flight leaves.

Why Do Airlines Need to Check Visas and Passports?

Where a carrier brings an inadequately documented passenger or an undocumented passenger to Australia, they may be liable, upon conviction, to a fine of A$22,200. As an alternative to prosecution, carriers may elect to pay a prescribed penalty of $5,000 for an infringement notice.

The Border Operations Centre (BOC)

The Department’s Border Operations Centre (BOC) provides operational advice and assistance to airlines to assist them in meeting their obligations and helping to resolve boarding issues for genuine travellers.
The BOC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If an airline has doubts about a traveller’s bona fides and whether they are a genuine traveller, they must contact the BOC.
The BOC is based in Canberra, Australia.
Phone: + 61 1300 368 126 or +61 (02) 6264 1301


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