Unemployment March 2016

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March 2016 Unemployed and Employed Statistics.


8,180,400 in Full-time employment

5,228,600 Males in Full-time employment
2,951,700 Females in Full-time employment

3,729,200 in Part-time employment

1,173,400 Males in Part-time employment
2,555,800 Females in Part-time employment

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515,900 unemployed persons looking for full-time work

302,100 Males looking for full-time work
213,800 Females looking for full-time work

208,400 unemployed persons looking for part-time work

87,000 Males looking for part-time work
120,200 Females looking for part-time work

Unemployment rate 5.7%.

Unemployment rate looking for Full Time work 5.9%.
Unemployment rate looking for Full Time work Males 5.5%
Unemployment rate looking for Full Time work Females 6.8%

Source: 6202.0 – Seasonally Adjusted Rates. Labour Force, Australia, 14/04/2016

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