Dog Hair Clippers in Australia

A selection of Dog Clippers available in Australia.

Having just had to look for prices of Hair Clippers for a dog, I am sharing these recent prices. Discounts are available on most of these.
The most common complaints for this product include being heavy, noisy, vibrate a lot and get hot. (This applies to the electric clippers).

Electric Dog Clipper Price Guide.

$29.95 Wahl Pocket Pet Trimmer (Cordless Trimmer – 1 x AA battery)
$34.95 Wahl Pet Trimmer Kit (Cordless Trimmer – 2 x AA battery)
$85.00 Andis EasyClip Whisper Clipper
$99.95 Wahl Show Pro Pet Clipper
$199.95 Wahl Super Groom Pet Clipper (Cordless NiMH or Cord operation)
$213.00 Andis EasyClip Groom Clipper
$239.95 Wahl KM2 Pet Clipper
$283.00 Andis AGC 2 Speed Clipper
$318.00 Oster A5 Single Speed Clipper
$348.00 Oster Golden A5 Clippers 2 Speed A5-15
$365.00 Oster A6 Slim Dog Clipper

Wahl Pet Clipper Guides come in various sizes from 3mm to 25mm, and cost from $6.95 to $8.95 each

Manual Dog Grooming Items.

$15.88 Animates Nail Clippers For Dogs Small Breeds
$16.66 Petlife Face Scissors And Comb Set
$16.66 Petlife Grooming Scissors
$17.16 Petlife Guillotine Nail Clipper
$18.92 Animates Guillotine Clippers For Dogs Large Breeds
$20.15 Petlife Nail Clipper
$20.84 Yours Droolly Shear Magic Nail Clipper For Small Medium Dogs

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