Visa Overstayers in Australia

Overstayers living illegally in Australia.

In 2018 it was quoted that there were 62,000 people overstaying their visas and living illegally in Australia.

Between 2016 and 2017, the Department of Home Affairs tracked down 15,885 people who overstayed their visas — they were either kicked out of Australia or placed in detention.

Visa overstayers who are caught can face deportation, detention and bans from re-entering Australia for at least three years.

Source: Malaysians top list of visa overstayers in Australia

In 2017 it was quoted that more than 64,000 people were in Australia illegally after overstaying work and tourist visas, with the federal government estimating as many as 12,000 have been here for more than 20 years.

The numbers quoted at the time included about: 10,000 Malaysians, 6,500 Chinese nationals, 5,170 from the United States, 3,700 UK nationals, 2,780 Indonesians and 2,730 Indians.

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Of 12,966 that were located in one year, about 1,750 were found to be working without visa authorisation.

What Happens to Visa Overstayers.

Those that are caught overstaying a visa are often put in detention for a while, then deported and banned from re-entry for a period of normally three years.

Those that leave voluntarily, are normally interviewed by immigration officers at the airport, then allowed to catch their flight, but also get a ban from re-entry for a period of normally three years.  (If you do this, get to the airport early, and be one of the first to check in.  This allows time for your interview.  Your visa status will be seen at check in, and immigration authorities will be called to collect you for interview, before check in is finalised.)

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