Vodafone $20 Annual Mobile Phone Plan

Vodafone $20 365 Day Mobile Phone Plan.

This plan is withdrawn for NEW subscribers from June 2016

Existing subscribers can renew with $30, $40 or $50 annual options

Existing Vodafone 365 day plan users can keep renewing with the new minimum $30 recharge, with $40 and $50 options.
Vodafone $30.00 for 365 days
150 Minutes Free talk time to phones on the Vodafone network
Free calls to 1800 numbers
$30 credit for other calls and texts
28c per TXT
89c per minute + 35c connection fee for any calls to non vodafone numbers and any calls to vodafone numbers after 150 minutes
$2 per MB (charged per KB) Data.

The ideal mobile phone plan for those who only use their mobile phones for incoming calls, but need the outgoing option for emergencies.

This can cost you as little as $20 per year

The Vodafone 365 day plan, for $20

Get $20 of phone credits with a 365 day expiry period.
50 minutes of free Vodafone to Vodafone calls.

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Costs are calculated as follows:

  • Standard SMS 28c each
  • Standard MMS (Video) 75c each
  • Standard Voice calls 78c per minute +39c flagfall
  • Standard Video calls 78c per minute +39c flagfall

It is worth comparing the above rates to other Vodafone cap plans.

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