Water Supply Dam Levels in Queensland

Water Supply Dam Levels in Queensland.

Due to recent draughts and water restrictions in Australia, many people will be concerned about the availability of water in their area.

Current Queensland Dam levels can be checked at: http://seqwater.com.au/public/dam-levels

Some historical figures for the dam levels for the main three Brisbane Dams are shown here:

Combined total dam level per cent for Wivenhoe, Somerset and North Pine dams:

  • 65.65% 1999 Jan 25th
  • 135.13% 1999 Feb 10th
  • 27.71% 2006 Aug 23rd
  • 18.80% 2007 Aug 25th
  • 40.57% 2008 Aug 25th
  • 76.43% 2009 Aug 24th

Information Sources:

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