What Crimes did the First Fleet Convicts Commit?

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What kind of crimes did the British Convicts commit before being transported to Australia?.

It is well known that Australia was home to many convicts that were transported from Britain.

About 162,000 British Convicts were transported to the penal colonies of Australia between 1788 and 1868.

What might not be as well known is the type of crime that these people committed.

Their crimes ranged from ‘Stealing a Handkerchief’ to ‘Murder’.  Quite a wide range of crime.

    • 19 Convicts were convicted of Theft of a hankerchief
    • 15 Convicts were convicted of Stealing a cap
    • 158 Convicts were convicted of Murder

Some judges at the time preferred to transport some younger people that had committed what we now call a minor crime, rather than have them face the normal British penalty.

It was not until 1832 that the death penalty was abolished for theft in the UK.

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The following links show the different types of Crimes that resulted in being transported to Australia, and are from convictrecords.com.au

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