When to do the Second Stage Partner Visa Application

When can you do the Second Stage Partner Visa Application?

You can apply for the Second Stage Partner Visa (801 or 100) at about 24 months after the first stage (820 or 309) was applied for. Note: That is 24 months after it was applied for, not after it was granted.

This becomes the eligibility date for the 801 or 100 Permanent application.
eg: If you applied for the 309 or 820 on 1 July 2017, then the eligibility date to submit the 100 or 801 second stage would be 1 July 2019.

This 24 month wait is to ensure that the couple are still together at this point in time, and your uploads must be designed to prove that.

It is possible to begin this upload at 23 months after the 820 or 309 application was submitted.  Some people do it at about 25-28 months after the 820 or 309 application was submitted.

A few have forgotten about this stage, and have been reminded about a year after eligibility date, and are then only given a further 28 days in which to upload sufficient information before Immigration make a final decision.

After that second stage application, it can be worth doing an upload of additional relationship proofs every month or two, depending what proofs you have available. This keeps the Immigration department reminded that your relationship is still ongoing.

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How To Apply for the 2nd Stage Partner Visa

Second Stage Australian Partner Visa Application

Do not forget to upload the Statutory Declaration by the Sponsor, together with that Sponsors ID; either the personal details page of their most recent passport (showing their signature), or their Australian driver’s licence.

The Sponsors Declaration form can be downloaded from immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/…/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf

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