What if I Can’t Pay a Quarantine Fee?

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Quarantine Fees in Australia – How to Pay..

During COVID lockdowns in Australia, some people still need to travel to another area of Australia, and need to be quarantined. Others, who have arrived from overseas also have to undergo this compulsory hotel quarantine.

With the Australian taxpayers no longer covering these quarantine costs,  each traveller has to pay towards these hotel quarantine costs.

Quarantine costs are decided,  and collected by, each state or territory government.

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In general, payment is made after quarantine is completed,  and an invoice is issued.

Most governments will accept payment by BPAY, BPOINT, Post billpay, Direct deposit, etc.

For those in financial difficulties there is an option to apply for a payment plan.

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Quarantine Fee Payment Plan

Subject to acceptance, a payment plan may be available allowing payments to be made over periods between 6, 12 and 18 months, depending on the invoice balance.

Full details on how to apply for a payment plan will be sent with the invoice.

An example of these details can be seen at the Queensland government website: www.qld.gov.au

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