When does a Bridging Visa come into Effect?

How soon does a Bridging Visa come into Effect?.

A bridging visa is normally granted to cover a period between one visa expiring and another visa that was applied for, but not finalised, before the expiry of the earlier visa.

An example of this might be an application for a Partner visa while on a student visa. When the student visa expires, the bridging visa becomes active and remains active until the Partner visa is granted. The Bridging visa might have different rules to the original visa.

It is important to know that the normal expiry of a visa is treated differently to the cancellation of a visa.

If the original visa is cancelled, by either the applicant or immigration, then the bridging visa does not come into effect. The bridging visa is also cancelled.

Some Student visa holders, who have applied for a Partner visa, have realised that they must continue to abide by their student visa requirements, while the student visa is still in effect or until that Partner visa is granted.

A Bridging Visa comes into effect when your current visa expires.
If your current visa is cancelled before it expires, the Bridging Visa is also cancelled.

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A Bridging Visa A (BVA) allows you to stay in the country.  It does not allow you to return if you leave.

A Bridging Visa B (BVB) allows you to stay in the country, and to leave and return, during the validity of that visa.

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