Which Bank is Best for New Arrivals to Australia

Need to Choose the Best bank in Australia as a new Immigrant?.

The Big Four Banks in Australia are: Australia and New Zealand Bank [ANZ], Commonwealth Bank [CBA], National Australian Bank [NAB] and Westpac [Wetspac]

I have personally found that the NAB is an easier bank to open an account with, for a new Arrival to Australia, with these three points in mind:

    1. No monthly fee, no matter what your balance is. Some other banks have conditions to allow fee rebates, or “free banking”.
    2. Quite easy to get an account as a student.
    3. They can also open an account for some people while on a Visitor visa, while most banks will not even consider that.

From my personal experiences with those three points, I feel the NAB is the better option for new arrivals.

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