Who Called from 07 3211 4132

Who owns the Telephone Number: 07 3211 4132.

I received a call today from 07 3211 4132, a couple of seconds of silence, and then they began, they were calling from “Accident Claims Management” in Brisbane.

They were asking about my recent car accident, and want to help me get compensation. This is one of many of these that I have had recently. I got my very first one on 27 August 2019.

I went along with this for some time today, as I was bored. Once I told them I was not in any car accident they said it might be a workplace accident. After explaining that I work for myself from home, they said it might be a relative or friend of mine that had the accident.

They were very insistent that I had a claim, so I decided to go along with it and said OK, we will do the claim. I said ask me the questions?

They asked who I worked for?

I said, you haven’t been listening, I work for myself at home.

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They then asked if I had any other accident?

I gave up, as we were going round in circles. I had originally said I have been in no accidents, which is why they said it might be a relative or friend who had the accident, and gave my phone number and name!!

The number they called from: 07 3211 4132 or 0732114132.

They called themselves:

Accident Claims Management.

Information on some Accident Claim Scams…



It is worth checking it out if you are not fully aware of these scams.

Car crash compensation phone scam.

What this scam involves.

As with so many scams, this one starts with a phone call you weren’t expecting.

The caller wants to speak to ‘the person involved in the car accident’ supposedly to help them with their compensation claim.

They may pretend to be from an official-sounding organisation, using names such as ‘Road Accident Helpline’ or ‘Accident Investigation Department’.

It is clear the scammers ring lots of people in the hope of striking lucky and reaching a person who has coincidentally been in a road traffic accident recently.


Another: https://www.apia.com.au/news/apia-warns-customers-about-injury-compensation-scam.html


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