Will Visa Sponsorship Cause Australian Job Application Rejection.

Will a Job Application in Australia be Rejected if Visa Sponsorship is needed?.

With many new migrants arriving in Australia, or considering an application to move to Australia, some would prefer to obtain a job in Australia before actually making the move.  A sensible idea, if you can do that.

However, it isn’t always as easy as that.

Finding an employer to sponsor an applicant, and cover the costs of getting a visa etc., would be an uphill battle for most people, as most employers would prefer to employ a local applicant, as it is much easier, and less expensive.  The government might also insist that a local is employed in preference to bringing some in from another country.  That local can be a new immigrant that already has a visa that permits working.

A new migrant, even with a visa that permits working, might face difficulties when competing with other applicants that have local experience.

There are often many more applicants than vacancies for almost every job in Australia. There are currently about 700,000 unemployed in Australia, out of only 12.9 million workers.

Thousands of job applicants get rejected every day, and many of those applicants already live in the country, and can start work immediately, and they would tend to get priority, if they are good enough.

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  • Those not in the country, and needing sponsorship/financial help to get a visa, would often be looked at as a last resort.
  • Those not in the country, but with no issues with a visa, would often be ‘second to last’ resort.
  • Those without local experience are often bypassed.
  • Those already in the country, with working rights, and the right skills and local experience, normally get on the shortlist for the vacancy. But even some of those get a rejection.
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