YourTown Prize Draws

YourTown Prize Draws.

About “YourTown”…

YourTown is a charity with services young people can access, to find jobs, learn skills, become great parents and live safer, happier lives.

One of their fund raising methods is a regular prize draw, with the lucky winner getting a new house.

Since 1961, the charity has been tackling the issues impacting young people in Australia – like mental health and unemployment, and taking on issues like family and domestic violence.

The charity aims to be part of the solution by delivering services that get results, and they offer these at a local and national level. They include Kids Helpline, training and employment services for young people, parent education and family refuges.

With their work predominately funded by the community, it’s together and by association that they give young people choices.

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The name change.

BoysTown became YourTown.

The charity first opened as BoysTown when the De La Salle Brothers setup a Queensland based residential school for young men.

So much of the organisation has changed since that time; the services provided, the help offered and the interaction with the community have all evolved.

In 2016, the time was right to move to a name and image which better reflects the inclusive nature of the charity.

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