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Where to buy the best pool cleaners, and which is best ?.

The Zodiac Pacer Pool Cleaner appears to be a popular pool cleaner, it is also called the Baracuda, but having had one for a few years, I wonder if other people have had the same problem as me.

Zodiac Pacer
Zodiac Pacer

In the above picture you will see the semi circular plastic piece with the two round weights at either end. The rear one constantly rubs against the pool as it moves around, and being a concrete pool, the plastic covering the lead weight wears out and lets the weight fall out, causing the cleaner to just float on the surface, as in this picture:

Zodiac Pool Cleaner after weight drops out
Zodiac Pool Cleaner after weight drops out

After taking the cleaner head out of the pool, you can see that the back weight is now completely missing. I did see the lead weight in the bottom of the pool, but the water is too cold at the moment to go in and get it.

Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner with weight missing
Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner with weight missing

As this first happened within two years, it was covered by the warranty, but with it happening again, and this time out of warranty, it is time to change to a different type of pool cleaner. I was told the cost to replace just that part was $230, but I can buy an entirely new brand, without the hoses etc, for less.

Zodiac Pacer Weight carrying Part Cost

Some updated pictures in December 2010:

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Barracuda Hoses and Disc

That plastic disc, from what I have seen so far will cost me $100 (RRP $125) to replace, and with each length of hose being $10, that’s $200, to get it working again until the next problem.

Talking of the next problem, this is the photo of that to come… with a picture showing a perfect one on the other end.

Zodiac Barracuda Pacer worn down weight
Zodiac Barracuda Pacer. Worn down weight

Zodiac Pacer Top Weight
Zodiac Pacer Top Weight 100% OK

I used a good waterproof glue to hold it together though 🙂

A selection of Pacer spare parts:

$ 99.83 Baracuda Pacer Disc
$ 8.57 Baracuda Pacer Float Ball 50mm
$219.53 Baracuda Pacer Inner Body Complete
$131.22 Baracuda Pacer Outer Casing
$ 52.70 Baracuda Pacer Outer Extension Pipe
$ 12.71 Baracuda Pacer Weight
$ 2.50 Baracuda Pink hose adapter


Australian Prices during August 2011.

Zodiac Pacer Parts in Australia1 – Outer Casing Pacer (W69985) A$149.00
1a – Float Ball – 50mm (W80100) A$31.00
1b – Weight (W84800) A$19.00
2 – Inner Body Complete (W70034) A$245.00
3 – Inner Extension Pipe (W56525) A$69.00
4 – Retaining Ring (6 pack) (W81600PK) A$48.00
5 – Compression Ring (12 pack) (W74000PK) A$103.00
6 – Outer Extension Pipe (W69983) A$49.00
7 – Diaphragm Standard Long Life (W81700) A$36.00
8 – Flexi Foot (W69721PK) A$59.00
9 – PACER Disc 36 Fin (W70177) A$99.00
14 – PACER Medium Wheel Deflector (W69647) A$39.00


Examples of prices in the USA during August 2011.

Product Part Number Price
01 – Finned Disc W70032 US$ 69.17
02 – Foot Pad W69721 US$ 39.97
03 – Inner Body W69982 US$ 35.33
04 – Compression Ring W74000 US$ 5.49
05 – Weighted Spur W83381 US$ 60.20
06 – Outer Extension Pipe W69983 US$ 51.13
07 – Wheel Deflector – 12″ W69647 US$ 23.27
08 – Diaphragm W81701 US$ 33.73
09 – Diaphragm Retaining Ring W81600 US$ 2.38
10 – Threaded Inner Extension Pipe W56525 US$ 28.61
12 – 45 § Elbow W70244 US$ 9.40
13 – Inground Valve Cuff W70263 US$ 16.03
14 – Flowkeeper Valve W60050 US$ 61.31
15 – Hose Kit – 12×1 meter – Aqua W20460 US$165.36
16 – Hose Protector W33800 US$ 5.76
17 – 41/2″ Connector W33160 US$ 10.00
18 – Hose Weight W83247 US$ 18.38

Prices and image from PoolParts Online Florida, USA
Zodiac Pacer Baracuda Parts list


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