175 Australians Return to Australia today

175 Australians in the UK were able to board the Qantas QF110 flight,  one of eight repatriation flights chartered by the Federal Government, and will arrive home in Australia today.

Each passenger is tested three times for coronavirus. About 2 days before departure, just before boarding the plane and again on arrival in Australia.  Presumably they will be tested again while in,  and before leaving,  the quarantine facility.

These 175 Australians stuck in the the UK, are the first of about 30,000 Australians still stranded overseas, that have been permitted entry on the new repatriation flights.

These arrivals will be quarantined in the Howards Springs’ quarantine facility in Darwin.

These passengers will be paying about $2,000 for each repatriation flight, plus another $2,500 for the quarantine fee.

These are the first international passenger flights Qantas has operated since June.

Currently scheduled repatriation flight dates are:

  • 22 October from London
  • 26 October from New Delhi
  • 7 November from London
  • 9 November from New Delhi
  • 11 November from London
  • 23 November from New Delhi
  • 27 November from New Delhi
  • One flight from Johannesburg Is yet to be dated.

These eight repatriation flights are excluded from the international arrivals cap  and are facilitated by the government rather than scheduled commercial services.

The one-way economy fares cost $2,150 from London, $1,750 from Johannesburg and $1,500 from New Delhi not including taxes.


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