2001 Australian Federal Election Result

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2001 Australian Federal Election Final Result.

The 2001 Australian Federal Election was held on Saturday 10th November 2001. This was an Election for all 150 seats in the House of Representatives, and 40 seats in the Senate.

John Howard was the Leader of the Liberal/National Coalition party
Kim Beazley was the Leader of the Australian Labor Party

House of Representatives 2011.

11,474,074 votes are recorded for the Two Party Preferred Results

5,846,289 votes for Liberal/National Coalition (50.95%) with 82 seats
5,627,785 votes for Australian Labor Party (49.05%) with 65 seats
There were also THREE Independent seats: : Peter Andren (59,548 votes), Bob Katter and Tony Windsor.

Senate Election 2011.

19 Seats – Liberal/National Coalition with 4,641,477 votes (244,288 votes per seat)
14 Seats – Australian Labor Party with 3,990,997 votes (285,071 votes per seat)
4 Seats – Australian Democrats with 843,130 votes (210,783 votes per seat)
2 Seats – Australian Greens with 574,543 votes (287,272 votes per seat)
One Nation – with 644,364 votes received no seats

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