2016 Census: Australian Population by State

Australian Population in 2016 Census.

The Population of Australia at the time of the 2016 Census was 23,401,892 people. 50.7% were Female with 49.3% Male, and the Median age has increased to 38 years.

Place of Birth of Australians in 2016.

66.7% were born in Australia
3.9% were born in England
2.2% were born in New Zealand
2.2% were born in China
1.9% were born in India

Place of Residence of Australians in 2016.

7,480,228 New South Wales
5,926,624 Victoria
4,703,193 Queensland
2,474,410 Western Australia
1,676,653 South Australia
397,397 Australian Capital Territories
228,833 Northern Territory

Source: Census of Population and Housing 2016. Usual Residence Census counts. Excludes overseas visitors, Other Territories are not included.

Australian Population Change 1966 to 2016.

Changes to the Australian Population by State from 2011 to 2016.

The number of people living in all states and territories has increased since the 2011 Census. The Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia experienced the fastest growth between 2011 and 2016, with each increasing by 11%.

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In 2016, more than two-thirds of Australians lived in a capital city. Between Censuses, the number of people living in capital cities grew nearly twice as fast as the number of people living outside of capital cities (10.5% and 5.7% respectively).

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