2021-22 Australian Migration Program Planning Levels

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2021-22 Migration program planning levels.

From various sources it has been determined that the 2021-22 Migration Program planning level will remain at 160,000.  However, COVID changes may affect any previous or current decisions.

This page will be revised once 100% official numbers are released.

160,000 permanent migration places have again been allocated for the years 2021-22 and 2022-23.

It is also planned that the planning level for permanent migration from 2023-24 will rise back to 190,000 places.

2021-22 Permanent Migration numbers.

Total 160,000 permanent migration places.

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Family and Skilled Visa places will be kept the same as in 2020-21 levels.

Family visas will be set at 77,300 places for 2021-22.

Skilled visas will be about 50% of the total migration intake.
Priority being given to highly skilled migrants in the Employer Sponsored, Business Innovation and Investor Program and Global Talent visa steams.

The Humanitarian Program cap will stay at 13,750 places in 2021-22.

2020-21 Migration program planning levels.

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