Covid-19 Comparison Between NSW and Wales

New South Wales Covid-19 comparison to Wales, UK

New South Wales is very near to removing most of the Covid-19 restrictions, and they are down to the 300 cases per day figure.

NSW will open on Monday 11 October 2021 as the state passes the 70% double vaccination target.
Restrictions will be further eased at the 80% double-dose milestone.
Fully reopened from 1 December 2021

Wales, in the UK, removed restrictions in August 2021, after case numbers reduced to just 36 per day, with very low deaths, (7 in one week).

Wales removed restrictions, and opened up.

Wales went from 36 positive tests a day in June 2011, to over 2,300 cases per day in October 2021,

That is 63 times as many as before opening up.

New South Wales is removing restrictions and opening up.

NSW is 77.1% of the over 12s double dosed as at 14 October 2021.

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NSW has averaged 390 cases per day during the last week, to 16th October 2021.

If NSW follows Wales, that daily case number would be about 19,000. (300×63)

With 2,687 cases in the last week, the NSW weekly case rate is 33 per 100,000 population.
Wales rose to 531.7 cases per 100,000 in the week to 10 October 2021.

The Doherty report

The Doherty report stated one possibility as:

Almost 400,000 symptomatic cases could be seen in six months, and between 1,000-2,000 deaths.

That is however for all of Australia.
400,000 cases is about 2,000 cases per day, and about 8 deaths per day. Estimated.

Less than Wales experienced, (2,300 cases per day), but their population is only 12% of Australia.

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