28 Days to Reply to RFI Request from Immigration

28 Days to Reply to Request For Further Information from Immigration.

Some Visa Applications, where not everything is uploaded early in the application time, might get a Request For Further Information (RFI) at some stage, and it will often give you 28 days to reply.

Sometimes the request includes submitting some things that take longer than 28 days to get hold of, such as overseas police checks etc.
Many people panic at that, as they can’t do it in 28 days. But; it isn’t as bad as they think…

That 28 days is for you to reply, and you MUST send something to them before the 28 days is up.

That ‘something‘ can be a notification of ‘why‘ it will take longer to get the actual requirements to them.

This is how the RFI request, that we received, was worded:

Timeframe for response
You must respond to this request within 28 days after you are taken to have received this letter. You should provide your response in writing.

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If you are unable to provide this information within this time you should contact us using the contact details provided below…

If you carefully read the wording on the request (actual example below), you will see three major points:

  1. You must respond within 28 days.
  2. If you are unable to provide this information within this time you should contact them, as soon as you can within that 28 days, and tell them what you have done to get the information requested, and how long you think it will take to obtain.
  3. If you do not reply with something, within that 28 days, they can finalise the application based on what they have, probably a rejection.

RFI 28 Days Request for Further Information

If you are unable to submit what they have requested, within 28 days, you MUST contact them and explain why, to the email address that they give on the RFI letter.

We uploaded the requested information into the online IMMIaccount, and sent an email, notifying them of what we had sent, to the email address shown at the bottom of their letter.

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The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
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