Difference between Australian Citizen and Permanent Resident

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The difference between an Australian Citizen and an Australian Permanent Resident.

There are a few differences between an Australian Citizen and a Permanent Resident of Australia, and some of these are:

An Australian Citizen will be able to have an Australian passport, being Australian.

A permanent resident of Australia is a Citizen of a different country, and would hold a passport of that country.

A permanent resident of Australia would need to renew their visa to be able to re-enter Australia, after the first one runs out. Normally 5 years after getting PR.

A permanent resident of Australia can be deported for various criminal actions, whilst an Australian Citizen cannot. A Dual Citizen holder can have the Australian Citizenship revoked for some criminal actions, and then be deported.

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An Australian Citizen can get some financial benefits in Further Education compared to a permanent resident of Australia.

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