28 New COVID-19 Cases in NSW

New South Wales have confirmed that there are now 28 new cases linked to the Northern Beaches of Sydney COVID-19 outbreak. (11am NSW time 18 Dec 2020)

Tests have revealed that these cases are from an overseas arrival, from the United States, that arrived in early December.

The majority of these cases have been traced back to people who visited the Avalon RSL Club on 11 December 2020.

Airline crew, who only isolate in one of around 25 hotels in Sydney, until their next flight out, may be a possible source of the infection.

From Tuesday 22 December, they will be limited to just 2 hotels, in an attempt to reduce the possible spread, and make tracing of future cases easier.

If the original case is an overseas airline crew member,  that person may have already left Australia, on their next scheduled flight.

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If the original case is an Australian airline crew member,  the issue  becomes more clouded, as they appear to be allowed to go home between flight.   New rules in NSW may be changed to have these crew members tested before going home.

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