Annual Jobseeker or Newstart increases 2016 to 2021

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Australian Unemployment Benefit increases 2016 to 2021

Unemployment Benefits in Australia have recently been known as either Newstart or Jobseeker, and are increased every year by the cost of living increase for that period.

The historical rates, shown below with the annual increase, are for each single person, with no children, payable each fortnight.

April 2021 proposed Jobseeker.
$615.70. Extra $50.00, an 8.83% increase.

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March 2020 Jobseeker
$565.70. Extra $10.00, a 1.8% increase.

March 2019 Newstart.
$555.70. Extra $9.90, a 1.78% increase.

March 2018 Newstart.
$545.80. Extra $10.20, a 1.9% increase.

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March 2017 Newstart.
$535.60. Extra $8.00, a 1.51% increase.

March 2016 Newstart Rates.

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