Asylum seekers entering Australia without a visa

Entering Australia, without a Visa, seeking Asylum..

The Australian Government has tough border protection measures designed to undermine people smuggling networks.

Anyone who attempts to reach Australia illegally by boat will be turned back or returned to their home country.

Australia’s borders are closed to anyone who attempts to reach Australia illegally, and they will stay closed.

There is no financial benefit to be gained by trying to reach Australia illegally.

Don’t be fooled by the lies of people smugglers, they will just take your money.

Attempting to reach Australia illegally by boat is pointless and extremely dangerous.

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Under Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB), anyone who attempts to travel illegally by boat to Australia will be turned back to their country of departure.

The Australian Government continues to work closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

People who are considering resettlement in Australia should remember that there is a legal way to come to Australia. If you try to come to Australia illegally you will never make Australia home.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has an offshore resettlement programme, as part of the Australian Government’s Refugee and Humanitarian Programme. This programme involves resettlement of people needing humanitarian assistance to Australia who do not have any other durable solution available to them.

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