Australia and Carbon Emissions

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Australia emits few Carbon Emissions for its Size.

People say that Australia is one of the highest Carbon Emissions producers in the world, but is it really true?

Australia accounts for five percent of the world’s land area.

Australia emits ONLY one percent of the worlds Carbon Emissions.

All the other countries add up to 95% of land mass, but contribute 99% of the emissions.

The US has 6.6% of word land mass, with 14% of global emissions.
China with an even smaller country has 27% of global emissions.

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China and the US are responsible for more than 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

But Australia is the country targeted for criticism because of producing 1%, down from 1.5% some years ago.

The top 15 emission producing countries in 2017.

  • 27.2% China
  • 14.6% USA
  • 6.8% India
  • 4.7% Russia
  • 3.3% Japan
  • 2.2% Germany
  • 1.9% Iran
  • 1.8% Saudi Arabia
  • 1.7% South Korea
  • 1.6% Canada
  • 1.4% Mexico
  • 1.3% Indonesia
  • 1.3% Brazil
  • 1.3% South Africa
  • 1.2% Turkey
  • Australia is not in the top 15 countries


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