Will Scott Morrison Overrule State Governments?

Can PM overrule State Governments on Housing Zones?.

Scott Morrison has signalled that it is time to reconsider where houses can be built.

In Australia, it is the State and Local Municipalities that enact zoning codes for where houses can be built. It is not a Federal regulation, yet..

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Australia and Carbon Emissions

Australia emits few Carbon Emissions for its Size.

People say that Australia is one of the highest Carbon Emissions producers in the world, but is it really true?

Australia accounts for five percent of the world’s land area.

Australia emits ONLY one percent of the worlds Carbon Emissions.

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Climate Change and Carbon Emissions

Climate Change and Carbon Emissions in Australia.

Climate change has been affecting Australia for thousands of years.

Australia, with its population of both human and animals, releases about 1% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

It was 1.5% in 2005.

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