Will Scott Morrison Overrule State Governments?

Can PM overrule State Governments on Housing Zones?.

Scott Morrison has signalled that it is time to reconsider where houses can be built.

In Australia, it is the State and Local Municipalities that enact zoning codes for where houses can be built. It is not a Federal regulation, yet..

Mr Morrison said:

“there was a need to address issues around hazard reduction for national parks, dealing with land clearing laws, zoning laws and planning laws around people’s properties and where they can be built in countries like Australia, up and down the coast”.

“That being the case with the climatic effects of what we are seeing, there are many restrictions around those effects that have to be reviewed on the basis on the broader climatic effect we are seeing in this country”

The PM stated that there were many contributing factors to the fire season, especially the drought that has “created a tinderbox around the country with these fires running for long periods of time.”

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Mick Holton, the President of the NSW Volunteer Fire Fighters Association said that the PM’s comments were “excellent and that we need to ensure we reduce hazards. The problem is the red tape surround it has become so complex it is almost in the too hard basket”

Housing Zone Changes in Australia

Who is Responsible for House Zoning Laws?.

The ACT Government Environment and Planning office oversees ACT land zoning.

The Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment oversees Northern territory land zoning.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment oversees NSW land zoning.

Queensland local governments oversees Queensland land zoning.

South Australia has no uniform zoning codes, but their Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has a planning strategy.

The Tasmania Planning Commission, sets the boundaries for the individual councils to create their own planning schemes.

The Victoria Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure oversees land zoning in Victoria.

The Western Australia Planning Commission sets out certain provisions that must be followed by local governments who prepare their own planning schemes.

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