Climate Change Denier Politicians

Are Politicians Climate Change Deniers.

A recent news report stated that Australian Politician Craig Kelly, recently said that climate change had not caused the bushfires — but that unprecedented arson had.

But what did he ACTUALLY say.

Craig Kelly said he believed that there has been global warming but denied that there was any link between that and the intensity of this season’s bushfires.

Note, he says the INTENSITY of the fire. He does not deny climate change, but he is stated as a climate change denier.

And the news report chose to change his words intensity to cause.

Craig Kelly said there was no link between climate change and the intensity of this season’s bushfires.

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The news report changed that to:

Craig Kelly said climate change had not caused the bushfires.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud, have both acknowledged the links between climate change and bushfires. Yet Scott Morrison is a climate change denier in many news reports.
eg: The Burning Shame Of Scott Morrison’s Climate Denial.
Yet; Scott Morrison acknowledged that climate change was a factor contributing to increasingly intense bushfire seasons.

It is not always easy to believe what we read in the news.

But it could be worse.

Over in the UK there is a Breaking News: World War 3 warning headline…  The story…  Iran arrested a UK ambassador for a few hours before releasing him.  Where World War 3 comes into that,  only a reporter knows.

Breaking News Word War 3

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