Australian Citizenship Approval.

Is Australian Citizenship Approved after Passing Citizenship test?

Most people would logically assume that passing the Australian Citizenship test is the final check before being approved for the Citizenship grant.

They may be wrong.

Some people, probably most, receive the approval almost immediately after taking, and passing, the test.

However, some might wait a few days or even weeks, before getting the approval notification.

I have assumed that some applicants need to go through more checks even after the test, but hadn’t seen confirmation of this anywhere.

But today, 27 May 2023, I saw that an applicant passed the test on 11 May 2023, but did not receive immediate approval.

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On 19 May 2023, 7 days after passing the test, the applicant received a request to supply a NAATI translation of their birth certificate.

I would have expected this to have been requested BEFORE being given a date for the Citizenship test.

It appears that some tests are allocated before immigration has finalised the checks on the application.

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