Australian Credit Check Services

Do you need to check your Credit History Records ?

Everyone is entitled to a free copy of their credit file, and any company offering to supply your credit file data at a price, although legally entitled to, are also legally obliged to supply a free copy of their record on you, if you request one.

The main difference between the free copy and the paid copy, is the time taken for you to receive it.

The FREE copy may take 2 weeks, the paid one often the same, or the next day.

I checked a few options today and found these prices being quoted:

  • $36.95
  • $46.95

What information is held on your credit report?

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  • Your name and date of birth.
  • Current and past addresses.
  • Driver’s licence number.
  • Employment Details.
  • Credit applications, including amount of credit and type of credit applied for.
  • Credit defaults – where overdue by 60 days or more.
  • Credit defaults that have been paid.
  • Other serious credit infringements including judgment debts or bankruptcy orders on public record.
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