Australian Housing Finance Commitments: August

Australian Housing Finance Commitments – Owner Occupation

The above title is that of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Housing Finance report 5609.0.

An abridged view of this report, showing the last three years ended August of each year is shown below, and shows the changes over these three years, in both the numbers, and the average values of each financed transaction.

12 months ended Aug-10 Aug-09 Aug-08
Contruction of New Dwellings
Number 71,279 63,376 53,969
Ave Value $256,985 $248,381 $246,719
Purchase of New Dwellings
Number 27,677 28,557 25,245
Ave Value $307,748 $286,555 $267,576
Purchase of Established Dwellings
Number 518,781 612,106 621,207
Ave Value $283,804 $261,004 $237,406

The financing of the Construction of New Dwellings has increased from 2008 to 2010, in numbers, while the financing of established dwellings had reduced.

Both of these however, have increased in individual average values, although the values of the Purchase of Dwellings, both existing and new, has risen faster than that of the Construction of New Dwellings.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 5609.0 Housing Finance

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