Australian Internet Shopping

3rd April 2013
For the twelve months ending February 2013, Australia’s online retail spending totaled $13.1 billion

This compared to the previous year when the 12 months ending February 2012, figure was about $10.9 billion. (5.0% the size of Australia’s traditional (Non-Internet) retail sector)

The original content from this page from 2010 was:

Australian Internet Shopping is a growing industry with turnover expected to be about $4.2 billion for 2010.

It is still very small, but increasing rapidly.

In the USA Online shopping is expected to reach $248.7 billion, and account for 8 percent of total U.S. retail sales, by 2014. Source:

Year Population Online sales Per Person
USA 2008 303,200,000 $141.9b $468
USA 2014 311,000,000 $248.7b $800
Australia 2010 22,000,000 $4.2b $191
Australia 2011 22,000,000 $10.5b $477
Australia 2012 22,000,000 $12.8b $582

2011 Australia

Online sales in Australia at $10.5 billion for 2011, up from 29 per cent on the year before. So, was 2010 really $8.1b online turnover ?

2011 UK

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Online retail sales increased by 14% last year (2011) to more than œ50bn

2012 Australia

In 2012, Australia’s online retail spending was $12.8 billion.
This represents about 5.8% of the size of Australia’s traditional (Non-Internet) retail sector

2012 UK

Internet sales in the UK were estimated to be œ28bn in 2012, according to Panmure Gordon. Expectations are that this will increase to around œ70bn by 2020 .


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