Australian Prospective Marriage Visa Refusals

Australian Prospective Marriage Visa Refusals.

Not all applicants for Prospective Marriage Visas are Successful.

The Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa (Prospective Marriage visa) is a temporary, nine-month visa which enables the visa holder to travel to Australia to marry an intended spouse.

After marrying the intended spouse, a Prospective Marriage visa holder is expected to apply for permanent residence in Australia through a two-stage Partner visa process: first, the temporary Partner (subclass 820) visa; and, second, the permanent Partner (subclass 801) visa.

If a Prospective Marriage visa holder does not marry the intended spouse, the visa expires after nine months and, unless an application is made for another type of visa, the visa holder would be required to return to their country of origin.

Records from the Department of Immigration have shown that about 10% do get rejected.

For the period 1 July 2006 to 31 December 2011,
3,635 applications (9.3%) have been refused
1,450 applications (3.7%) have been withdrawn or otherwise finalised, without refusal.

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This leaves a figure of 90.7% of all completed applicions for a PMV being accepted. This also means there were 37,474 PMV applications during that 66 months. About 568 applications per month.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Estimates Hansard,
22 May 2012, p. 61 regarding statistics for the financial year 2011-2012

Number of Prospective Marriage visas granted.

In 2006-07, 6,309 Prospective Marriage visas were granted.
In 2007-08,
In 2008-09, 6,354 Prospective Marriage visas were granted.
In 2009-10,
In 2010-11, 5,926 Prospective Marriage visas were granted.
In 2011-12,
In 2012-13,
In 2013-14,
In 2013-15,

Between 2001 ??02 to 2010 ??11 a total of 53,819 Principal Migration Visas were issued to Fiances. An average of 5,382 per year.

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