Australian Radio and Inappropriate Language

In Australia we often read about comments concerning “Inappropriate Language” on the radio, especially adverts for Nasal Delivery techniques etc during the morning drive taking children to school.

That can be quite an experience when your child asks what erectile dysfunction is. Or worse….

Some people complain about it all the time., yet still stay tuned to that station.

My suggestion…. change stations, and drop them an email explaining why. Maybe one day they will get the hint.

I tend to listen to 97.3 and can’t recall hearing things on that station, that would cause me have a problem explaining what I hear to a child.

Having said that, they did apparently do the nasal delivery ads in 2007, and were reported to the Advertising Standards Bureau PDF File of result.

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I did hear 97.3 mention something the other day about specifically not having things like that on their station.

What other radio stations select their adverts to avoid awkward moments for those with children ?

The CLEAN stations:

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