China, Twitter and the Fake Tweet image.

The Fake Twitter image and China.

Zhao Lijian, China’s foreign ministry spokesman, tweeted a digitally created image that purported to show an Australian soldier holding a bloodied knife to the throat of an Afghan child on Monday 30 November 2020.

The cybersecurity firm, Cyabra, said it had found 57.5% of … Read the rest

Should Virgin Airlines get Taxpayer Assistance?

Virgin Airlines pays no Tax in Australia.

Virgin Australia has asked the Australian Federal Government for a 1.4 billion dollar bailout to help it through the coronavirus crisis.

Its owners are not prepared to put up their own money, and want help from the Australian Taxpayers.

Virgin Airlines is a … Read the rest

Overpaid Public Servants in Australia

Pauline Hanson mentioned the $4.8 million per year overpaid public servant.

In Pauline Hanson maiden Speech in September 2016, she made the following statement:

“If they cannot rein in the budget with overpaid public servants – one being the head of Australia Post, who is on $4.8 million per year … Read the rest

Foreign Ownership of Residential land in Australia

Foreign Ownership of Housing in Australia.

Much has been said about Foreign Ownership of Land in Australia, with 80% of people appearing to be concerned about this.

A Register of Foreign Ownership report has recently shown that only 13% of Australian Agricultural land is foreign owned, but there appears to … Read the rest

Australian Agricultural Land in Foreign Ownership 2016

Australian Agricultural Land in Foreign Ownership.

The percentage of Agricultural Land in Foreign Ownership in Australia varies between 4.1% (NSW/ACT) and as high as 30.1% (NT), according to FIRB information.

The ownership percentages for each of the States and Territories at Jun 2016 was:

30.1% of Northern Territory in 71 … Read the rest